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Container Living

Container Living has taken the world by storm! From consumers to companies our homes have been used as homes, dormitories, offices, etc. Therefore, our focus is to provide integrated housing solutions for all by using Eco-friendly green materials that win trust from our clients. Container homes is the avenue to bluer skies, cleaner water and simpler living for consumer around the world.

Why Choose a Container Home?

  • 50-year Life Expectancy.

  • Thermal insulation with energy-saving panels.

  • Most designs contain natural lighting and other green concepts.

  • Can withstand up to 200 mph winds, Fire & Seismic and Water resistance.

  • Light-weight designs allow for a speedy transportation and installs. (Via ship, truck, and crane)

  • Relocation is convenient compared to traditional homes. (Especially wheeled units)

Our container homes can be installed as quickly as a few hours up to 1 week depending on the design. They are prefabbed so little construction is needed and extremely easy to install per our manufacturer's instructions. However, professional installation is optional, upon request and at additional cost. 


MM Way Global is committed to providing clients with comfortable, safe and affordable dwellings, as a one-stop service in this field. No development project is too big or too small for our consideration. We would love to work with you!

Contact us below for more information.

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