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Modular Living

MM Way Global introduces modern, prefab homes, based on a world-class light-gauge steel framing system as the new "Modular Living". These affordable luxury modular dwellings have been tested in over 60 countries since 2009. 

Why Choose Our Modular Structures?

  • 100-year life-span of structure

  • Seismic resistance (More than 8 grades)

  • Wind resistance (Up to 200 mph)

  • Fire resistance

  • Snow resistance (max 2.9 KN/m² as required)

  • Heat insulation (can match thickness of a brick wall)

  • High acoustic insulation

  • Insect prevention

  • Superb Ventilation

In serving a diverse range of clients, MM Way Global operates as the developer to unique and affordable building opportunities compared to traditional builders and developers. We are able to provide the materials supplier, general contractor, trade contractor, and/ or project manager inclusively with each order of a modular unit via our manufacturer. 

The light-gauge steel framing system used in the modular homes, town homes, tiny homes, garden studio projects, and more are State-of-the-Art! By taking the responsibility for the entire project life-cycle and integrating every product and service necessary from design to installation (installation is optional). As a result, our easy to erect units saves ample time and reduces labors costs. Yes, with combination of carefully selected building materials along with the precision of the lightweight steel framing system, you can a have a habitable home in weeks, not months!

Since 2009, our manufacturer has operated as a high-tech enterprise which integrated the ability of design, production, sales, transportation, installation and other services as a whole. With over 59 patents of invention and utility models, they have produced thousands of units and won many awards in design and architecture globally.

MM Way Global is committed to providing clients with comfortable, safe and affordable dwellings, as a one-stop service in this field. No development project is too big or too small for our consideration. We would love to work with you!

Contact us below for more information.

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